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Oct 24, 2021

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All things FatDag, including the podcast,...

Oct 17, 2021

Reboot episode - email from MaggieH60 (Connect) - Indianapolis

Sep 27, 2021

A little more detail on the plan going forward and how we are going to figure this all out - together!

Sep 23, 2021

Coming up soon - a relaunch....

As you remember, the show was 100% user content generated, so I need to hear from you.  Give me your updates - and I'll give you mine!


Humble Re-Beginings

Nov 26, 2020

The ring is a continuous circle - it has no beginning and knows no end - unless there is a break in it. Even that though, can be repaired with the right tools. 

Fortunately this is not my original wedding ring. No, I purchased this one some years ago as I outgrew the one I was given by my High School sweetheart 25 years...